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Strategic planning and decision-making:
Closing the strategy gap

2012 Strategic Leader Survey Report

At Forrest Consulting, we provide leaders with direction, resources, support and counsel to transform small and medium sized businesses, non-profits and other organizations into top-tier, growing, high achievement entities. Our vision is "every organization creates and is acting on a plan with strategies leading to a vision of greater success."

The 2012 Strategic Leader Survey is part of our efforts to better understand "the strategy gap" - why leaders aren't more strategic and why more organizations aren't planning and implementing their plans - and learn how to help leaders think and act strategically and instill planning and effective implementation in their organizations.

Learn from the survey results.

  • The extent of the "strategy gap" and how strategic decisions are really made.
  • Changes leaders would make in their organization's approach to strategy development...if they only could.
  • Competencies leaders say they need to develop to be better strategic managers.
  • Methods that can help leaders and their organizations be more strategic and successful.

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