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The promise of strategic planning:

How leaders are delivering

2013 Strategic Leader Survey Report

At Forrest Consulting, we provide leaders with direction, resources, support and counsel to transform businesses, non-profits and other organizations into top-tier, growing, high achievement entities. Our vision is "every organization creates and is acting on a plan with strategies leading to a vision of greater success."

The 2013 Strategic Leader Survey is part of our efforts to better understand why leaders aren't more strategic and why more organizations aren't planning and implementing their plans - and to learn how to help leaders think and act strategically and instill planning and effective implementation in their organizations.

The 2013 Strategic Leader Survey digs into use of strategic planning and implementation in companies and other organizations.  It identifies strategy development and execution approaches that are working, as well as those that are problematic. Further, it assesses how leaders evaluate strategic risks and opportunities and how this lines up with their organizations approach planning.

Learn from the survey results.

  • The value of using strategic planning for strategy formulation.
  • How use of best practices affect planning success.
  • Global risks important to consider in the next strategic plan.
  • Global opportunities that leaders believe may make a difference in the future success of organizations.

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