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Making the critical strategic decisions:

How leaders and
organizations fall short

2016 Strategic Leader Survey Report

Forrest Consulting's Strategic Leader research program has focused on why many organizations don't develop and implement strategies leading to a shared vision of success and how to encourage strategy creation and implementation. It has addressed the many causes of planning and execution failure and steps leaders can take to assure success. 

However, the problem is deeper than recognizing the importance of planning and then acting. We have concluded that the fundamental issue blocking strategy success is the poor quality of leaders’ and organizations’ decision making.  Our 2016 Strategic Leader Survey addresses what we have concluded is the fundamental issue blocking strategy success: The poor quality of leaders’ and organizations’ strategic decision making. Responses from 305 leaders provide invaluable information on strategic decision-making practices used (and often ignored) by these leaders and their organizations.

This 2016 Strategic Leader Survey report offers deep insight on how leaders and organizations can improve decision-making practices for better outcomes. The 106-page report details and benchmarks practices of organizations of varied success, scale and type against what our continuing research shows will produce better decisions and promote future success.

Learn from the survey results.


  • Leader and group traps and biases that cause organizations to make bad decisions - and how to avoid them.

  • Decision-making processes and models often used to make strategic decisions - and why most are weak..
  • Best practices for developing and evaluating strategic options and assessing opportunities and threats.
  • How most organizations are needlessly exposed to strategic risk.
  • How to improve strategic decisions and future decision making.
  • And much more!

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