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26 traits of a great facilitator, 12 things a facilitator does,

and who should facilitate strategic planning

Finding the Right Facilitator and the Facilitator's Role

Leaders engage us to facilitate for key needs

At Forrest Consulting, we help Boards, groups and leaders transform businesses, non-profits and other organizations into top-tier, growing, high achievement entities. We use our skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate:

  • Board development and best practices
  • Strategic planning
  • Addressing issues and opportunities
  • Innovation brainstorming and ideation
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Learning,  training and team building

Get our hard-won learning on "the right facilitator" and the facilitator's role

We have learned from much experience, expert training
and facilitation peers.

  • The traits of a great facilitator.
  • What a great facilitator does.
  • Who should facilitate strategic planning.

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