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30 considerations in planning the meeting,
5 considerations to set the stage,

8 considerations in preparation,
and 18 consideratings for facilitating the meeting

What to Consider for a Successful Facilitated Meeting

Leaders engage us to facilitate for key needs

At Forrest Consulting, we help Boards, groups and leaders transform businesses, non-profits and other organizations into top-tier, growing, high achievement entities. We use our skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate:

  • Board development and best practices
  • Strategic planning
  • Addressing issues and opportunities
  • Innovation brainstorming and ideation
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Learning,  training and team building

Here's a complete checklist of 67 considerations to make a facilitated meeting a great success

We have compiled the steps we have learned to take
over decades of facilitating all kinds of meetings.

  • 30 considerations in planning the meeting.
  • 5 considerations in setting the stage for the meeting.
  • 8 considerations in preparing for the meeting.
  • 18 considerations in facilitating the meeting.
  • 6 considerations in following up on the meeting.

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