"I have been a participant in several facilitated meetings, and [Lee's] leadership in making us hone in on ideas and strategies was the best I have experienced. It is fitting that we again used the indispensable services of a expert facilitator to help us chart the future of our band of intrepid entrepreneurs."  Kerry Marsh, Partner, Marsh-Duryea

"Lee Crumbaugh is one of the most amazing, skilled and insightful consultants I have ever hired. In fact, many of his strategic planning materials are still in my possession and reviewed - 18 years later!" John J. Sygielski, President, Harrisburg Area Community College; Past Chair, American Assn. of Community Colleges

"...Forrest Consulting, its principal Lee Crumbaugh, and consultant Tom Drouin...conducted a SWOT analysis for The DuPage Community Foundation as part of its strategic planning initiative. It was a pleasure to work with Lee and Tom. They are knowledgeable, reliable, affordable, easy and fun to work with. Lee and Tom conducted an electronic survey as well as many in-person surveys. Their presentation at the Board retreat was extremely professional and very well received by the Board. I highly recommend Forrest Consulting. In fact, we were so impressed with their work, we rehired them for another project."”   David M. McGowan, CFRE, President, The DuPage Community Foundation

“Lee Crumbaugh is creative, entrepreneurial, diplomatic, a great communicator, and provides inspiring leadership to his colleagues.”   Gordon Johnson, CEO, American Red Cross of Northwest Indiana

"Lee has two strong suits - detail orientated and ability to communicate with people. He has that free flowing personality, with the emphasis of making others feel at ease. Lee's skill set in different positions...serve him well. He is the individual that will put the time in to be successful. And, maybe most important to me, he will choose to do the right thing ...with regards to business ethics decisions."  Jim Spivey, 1500m / 1500m / 5000m runner, USA Olympic Teams 1984, 1992, 1996; ASICS America, College Teams Sales

“I have known and worked with Lee for many years. He is the consummate professional--intelligent, experienced, a problem solver who is always cool under pressure, skilled, honest and passionate about giving his clients the highest level of quality service. Lee is an exceptional strategic planner, leader and mentor who inspires his team with a clear and sound vision; is a an excellent listener who motivates people to learn, apply themselves and excel at what they do; and is thoughtful, decisive and fair.”  William A. Baltz, President, Focus Strategic Marketing


We provide planning leadership and tools for success 

We offer planning processes and facilitation

Our Fast Track Strategic Planning System™ is based on years of planning and implementation experience. It's a proven "strategic gap" planning process focused on what's most important for success:


  • Creating a shared vision built on mission and values
  • Identifying critical strategic gaps
  • Developing strategies with action steps to close the gaps and move the organization to the vision
  • Disciplined implementation based on accountability, measurement, adjustment, assessment and re-planning

We have decades of planning and execution experience


Lee Crumbaugh, Forrest Consulting's president, has led planning and implementation initiatives for companies, non-profits, government and associations.  Among the industries and business segments we have served:

Associations • Association management • Business assistance • Business publishing • Commercial banking • Composite products • Consumer publishing • Deck and railing • Economic development • Entrepreneurship • Fencing • Foundations • Fund raising • Gardening/ horticulture • Health • Healthcare • Higher education • Information services • Lobbying & public affairs • Local government • Magazine publishing • Medical • Paper • Public education • Recreation • Rotational molding • Social services • Trade publishing • Vinyl products



Planning credentials


  • Chair, Board of Directors, and President, Association for Strategic Planning (2014-2015)
  • Certified Strategic Management Professional (SMP), Association for Strategic Planning, 2011
  • Member, International Association of Facilitators
  • MBA, marketing management, finance emphasis, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • Bachelor of Science, communications, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
  • Author, AHEAD: Strategy is the way to a better future, 2013 (Amazon paperback and Kindle e-book), and Strategic Thinking & Strategic Action blog, 2007-present (

Free insight on successful strategic planning

We encourage you to download our free successful planning practices survey report and our "how to plan" infographic. Their aim is to make organizations more successful through highly effective and efficient strategic planning and implementation.

Make better strategy decisions! 2016 Strategic Leader Survey Report

The 2016 Strategic Leader Survey offers deep insight on how leaders and organizations can improve decision-making practices for better outcomes. The 106-page report details and benchmarks practices of organizations of varied success, scale and type against what our continuing research shows will produce better decisions and promote future success, including:

  • Leader and group traps and biases that cause organizations to make bad decisions - and how to avoid them.
  • Decision-making processes and models often used to make strategic decisions - and why most are weak.
  • Best practices for developing and evaluating strategic options and assessing opportunities and threats.
  • How most organizations are needlessly exposed to strategic risk.
  • How to improve strategic decisions and future decision making.

Click below to download our free 2016 Strategic Leader Survey Report.

Assure planning and execution success: Get the 2013 Strategic Leader Survey Report 

314 strategic leaders told us how they plan.  Learn:

  • Strategy development and implementation approaches that work and those that don't.
  • The link between best planning practices and organizational success.
  • The big opportunities and big risks that strategic leaders are planning for.

Click below to download our free 2013 Strategic Leader Survey Report.

Here's our infographic on achieving greater success using a tested strategic planning process

Why to use planning and make it work.  We lay it all out:

  • The case for strategic planning.
  • Planning to plan and how to gather input.
  • How to find the vision and develop strategies.
  • What happens in each planning session.
  • Effective implementation and re-planning.

Click below to get our free planning infographic.

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