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We do business-to-consumer and business-to-business market research and analysis for established businesses, start-ups, non-profits, associations and governmental organizations.

We conduct research and analysis for two primary purposes:

  •   Strategic planning.
    We administer stakeholder e-surveys, conduct focus groups and interviews, do environmental scans, and develop SWOT analyses to deliver actionable strategic planning information and insight.
  •   Business planning.
    We do research and analysis essential for start-up business plans and for marketing plans, including industry description and outlook, market definition and analysis, target customer, positioning, segmentation, channels, pricing, competitive analysis, differentiation, brand and consumer/customer insights, brand naming, sales estimates and financial projections.

We also do research and analysis for:

Fund-raising and investment presentations.
Trade group and company industry studies.

We have

expertise in

research and analysis.

We have graduate education and professional experience in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis.

We use Survey Gizmo’s professional e-survey tools.

We know how to:

Collect and analyze data.
Design studies, samples and questionnaires.
Administer surveys.
Conduct and facilitate focus groups.
Conduct in-depth interviews.
Do secondary research.
Among the research

projects in which we have been involved

Annual banking industry market trends study, conducted over 15 years.
Market assessment and channel recommendations for an entrepreneurial business with a new product in the fence industry.
Stakeholder e-surveys, stakeholder focus group sessions and stakeholder interviews for organizations as diverse as a community foundation, opera company and counseling center.
Market evaluations and competitive intelligence studies for two health trade groups.
Focus groups for an educational publishing company.
Environmental scans for two municipalities, two public affairs firms, an investment banking firm, a recreation trade association and many other clients.
Three surveys of executives on how their organizations’ planning and decision-making practices relate to organizational success.
Research on the market, location options, pricing and more for the business plan for a start-up coffee business.
Market definition and positioning research for a consumer publishing company.
Research on attendance trends and facilities options for a school district.

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