Find out where strategy is going!

Find out where strategy is going!

WSW 4C logo lc rev 6 maroon copyThe Association for Strategic Planning’s World Strategy Week, a big event I helped create as ASP’s president, is underway this week.  It features a series of webinars with panels of leading strategy thinkers and practitioners from around the world, accompanied by a variety of other events worldwide presented by ASP’s chapers and partners.

I want to underscore the value of ASP’s final World Strategy Week webinars and ask you to consider joining in. (If your schedule does not allow attendance, by registering you will receive the webinar recording – and perhaps some panelist slide decks if they are willing to share – soon afterward.)


Ted C 37c9c64What a great conversation to come tomorrow, November 6, during World Strategy Week. Ted Coiné, Chairman and Founder of Switch and Shift, and co-author of A World Gone Social, will join Today’s Hotbed: Social, Technology and Strategy panel in ASP’s webinar at 9 am PST to share insights about the impact of social media and technology on business and strategy.

In this new digital age, organizations that don’t embrace social media and new technology as tools for communication, connectedness and innovation, will be destined to fail. Coiné’s focus on how social media has fundamentally changed the way businesses innovate, build teams, and serve customers speaks to the importance of change.

Watch this interview with Ted Coiné and  co-author Mark Babbit for a taste of what to expect and to reinforce why you want to join this webinar.

Ted will be joined by other thinkers of note:

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  • Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Former Cabinet Minister, Government of Egypt
  • Anthony Marshall, Global CEO & Director, IBM Institute for Business Value
  • Joon S. Han, Strategist and Social Entrepreneur, Better San Diego

The session will be moderated by Shawn Murphy, CEO and co-founder of Switch & Shift

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If your organizational strategy matters to you, then you need to be sure to join  “The Future of Strategy“webinar this Friday, November 7, at 9 am PST.  Register here.

Our panelists are at the leading edge of strategy approaches and techniques:

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  • Sean D’Souza, Head of Planning, Google for Work
  • Ken Berger, President & CEO, Charity Navigator
  • Peter Olyslager, Partner & Managing Director, PJ Strategy
  • Jeff De Cagna, Principled Innovation LLC

They will consider:

  • What successful strategy-making and strategic management will look like in the rapidly approaching future.
  • New approaches to strategy that may be called for.
  • Where this change is heading and what it means for company, non-profit and government leaders responsible for developing and implementing strategies that lead to greater success.

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I urge you to act now to learn from some real experts how best to create and execute strategy for greater success today and in the rapidly approaching future.