Here’s what you get from

business coaching by

Forrest Consulting

Perspective, counsel and accountability.

We give you an outside perspective, objective counsel and accountability in a safe, confidential environment.

Customer growth.

We guide you in developing, refining and executing a reliable and productive client/customer development process.

A sound operating basis.

We provide you with knowledge of important principles involved with building and running a successful business.

Problem solving and decisions support.

We offer you a superior way to spot problems and issues, identify weak points and blind spots, gain guidance on working through complex problems quickly, and get support when you are faced with difficult decisions.

Great strategy and execution.

We help you think strategically, create a vision of future success, identify barriers to achieving your vision, develop an effective business model, identify strategic goals and strategies to move toward your vision, and create and execute an implementation plan for achieving the goals and strategies.

The basis for on-going success.

We advise you on building structures, accountability and support that will ensure sustained commitment and ongoing success.


We help you get greater satisfaction from your business and adapt it to your lifestyle and personal goals.
The benefits to be expected from working with a

business coach over

time include

Better focus.

A business coach can help you see the big picture and then focus on the specific areas that need your immediate attention.

Crystal-clear goal setting.

Setting goals is a critical part of success. A business coach can help you think more strategically to see how every move you make puts you one step closer to your goals.

More accountability.

In addition to helping you set your goals, a good business coach will hold you accountable for following through on the things you need to do to achieve those goals.

Fruitful brainstorming.

It can be difficult to see all of the different ways to tackle a problem by yourself. A business coach can be a sounding board and a creative thinker who has ideas you never would have considered.

Personal development.

Business coaching can be instrumental beyond just growing your business. The skills you will learn and knowledge you have will gain will help you grow as a person as well.


An experienced business coach has seen it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly. You simply can’t discount the wisdom that comes from years of working with so many different types of companies and other organizations, and business owners, leaders, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Improved profitability.

A business coach can help you redirect your efforts and your business to what most contributes to profitability and can help you adapt to the changing economy.

Smarter financial planning.

A business coach can help you with everything from developing a budget to pricing new services.

An advocate.

Working with a business coach puts an advocate in your corner every step of the way along your road to success.

How we start

a coaching relationship

We meet to get to know one another and determine compatibility, begin to develop an understanding of your situation and goals, and provide information on our coaching process.

We agree on the initial length of engagement (at least three to six months and ideally a year are strongly recommended to make meaningful progress and instill processes and good habits) and frequency of meetings (3-4 weekly meetings a month are recommended to maintain momentum).

We have you complete a thorough intake questionnaire and provide more information on your business, position and/or practice.

Determine how we will

measure progress and success

We begin regular meetings in which we document our discussions as we work through your challenges and opportunities, set goals, track your progress, share business processes and tools and other resources to help you plan, implement and measure results, and provide support and accountability.


Grow And Succeed With A Business Coach!